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Biggest Heartbreak

Of course comic book shows aren’t content with just the bangs, pows, and kersplats. They also want to tug, if not tear out, your heartstrings. It’s why The Flash is currently about 60% emotional heart-to-heart talks, to which Sweet Tooth said “hold my beer.”

So here’s the moments that gutted me the hardest.

…I mentioned the spoilers, right?

Gonna be some spoilers.

Big-time spoilers.

Okay, moving forward.

Bronze: Wanda loses everything, WandaVision, “The Series Finale”

Show’s over, time to go
Image: Marvel Studios

Wanda’s grief caused her to accidentally enslave an entire town, forcing them to live out her fantasy, putting them through severe torment. And upon learning the full consequences of her actions, she has no choice but to put things right… but it costs her both her reconstructed Vision and both of their kids. It costs her everything, and not quickly. All she can do is put the kids to bed and wait with her husband for everything to fade away. Yes she did wrong… but her pain is no less impactful. Vision’s last words give us hope, but for now there’s nothing but the sadness.

Silver: “Hug me while I go?” The Umbrella Academy, “743”

This is what is sounds like
When ghosts die
Image: Netflix

Vanya, who spent her life being told she wasn’t special but turned out to be the most powerful Hargreeves, is once again on the verge of her powers going critical and causing an apocalypse. The only person who can reach her? The ghost of their late brother Ben, impervious to the force of her powers, able to enter her mind and help her accept who she is and what she can do, solely through the love and support their father never gave her. But it comes at a cost. Ben’s days of haunting his siblings come to an end as he gradually crumbles away to… whatever’s next. His only request, the only thing he asks for in exchange for saving Vanya (and the world) from herself?

One last hug before he disappears.

It’s a quietly beautiful scene, but it hits hard.

Gold: Funeral for a friend, Lucifer, [Episode redacted]

This is the biggest spoiler and I’m not going to share it because I really think you should watch this show and I don’t want to give this one away.

Suffice to say… when the Lucifer team planned this season, they thought it was going to be their last one, so they made some final-season big swings. Familiar faces return, major arcs resolve, will they/won’t theys choose a side… and not everyone makes it to the end of the season.

When a major character dies on this show, it hits extra hard because they never flinch from the pain and grief the rest of the characters are left with. Hell, even a single-episode character like Uriel’s death put Lucifer and Amenadiel through an emotional ringer for multiple episodes. This one… this one shatters people. And that shattered me.

If you’ve seen it, you don’t need me to explain. If you haven’t… you’ll know it when it happens.

And here I thought Lucifer finally making peace with his father just in time to say goodbye again was going to be as sad as it got. Jeez Louise.

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