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The List

Okay, so… “best slice in New York” is, as we know, a difficult target to hit. Obviously some research would be needed. Surely the internet could assist. Why, type the words “Best slice in New York” into your preferred search engine and you’ll surely get enough food blogs and clickbaity top ten lists to form a virtual simulation of Matt’s dreamed-of debate between two guys on a Brooklyn stoop.

Or you could just let a puppet hand you some names and start there.
Johnny T, my fuzzy guide.

I’ve spoken of Glove and Boots before. They’re back, incidentally. After a 13 month hiatus to figure out how to continue the channel, they’re releasing videos again, now aiming for more child-friendly content. It’s an adjustment. They’re finding their footing. Anyway.

For those who didn’t watch the video, know that you disappoint me at the very end he names what he feels are the best pizza places in all four boroughs worth visiting (Johnny T expresses a negative opinion towards Staten Island).

“Di Fara or L&B in Brooklyn. New Park Pizza in Queens. In the Bronx, Louie and Ernie’s. And if you’re stuck in the city [Manhattan], you may as well grab a pie at Lombardi’s.”

I didn’t go to all of these places. In fact I didn’t even write down New Park Pizza, so convinced was I that I’d not be visiting Queens this trip. I also didn’t make it to Louie and Ernie’s. Maybe I should have… might have been faster, given how far from Brooklyn I was staying. In fact, the only reason I don’t know for sure it would have been faster to get to Louie and Ernie’s than L&B is that I was so far north I actually would have had to go a fair ways south just to find a train that went to the Bronx. But regardless, Johnny T’s list gave me a starting point.

My literal starting point, in fact. And, if you like history, the most sensible starting point.

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