Agents of SHIELD: Requiem

What does Agents of SHIELD’s final season tell us about the series as a whole, and what sort of final season was it?

Parting Thoughts

Agents of SHIELD has always been a tough recommend, seeing as it takes so long to get going. And also season six, for real, has its moments but it’s a mess. But when this show worked, it worked. The core cast… Coulson, Daisy, May, Fitz, Simmons, and Mack… they did such solid work building a cast worth loving for seven years. I’m going to miss all of them, because none of them are going to be in proper MCU projects and we all need to accept that.

There’s so much I couldn’t get into. Lance and Bobbi, the 100th episode, Deathlok, Chronicom Coulson, Sousa’s 11th hour addition, I only scratched the surface on Enoch, Antoine “Trip” Triplett, the Koenigs… a lot happened in 136 episodes, and most of it was at least pretty good. It was a mostly good show that just insisted on making a couple of mistakes over and over, and a lot of shows do that.

So it’s a tough show to wholeheartedly endorse… but there was still a lot to recommend. Even after season six, even after Nathaniel Malick, I still wanted to stick with these agents until the end of the line.

If the series is now on or someday reaches a streaming service you have, maybe give it a try. You might get to like them too.

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