What’s this thing, then?

Atop the volcano

I’m Dan. I’m from Canada. It’s a great country and all, but it can get cold, so I like to travel, go places, see things, have adventures and then describe them in what I hope is an entertaining fashion. When I can’t do that (which is often) I’m heavily involved in theatre. I act on occasion, direct about one show a year, but most of all I write plays. People tell me they’re pretty good. At the moment I’m choosing to take their word for it.

Being involved in theatre means my days are populated with the eccentrics, malcontents, and entertainingly crazy people that the arts attracts. My best stories in life that don’t involve flying around the world to explore reefs or jump off tall things involve the second* family that is my theatre group, and I’d like to share some of those stories with you, the anonymous void that is the Internet. So, hi. Come on in and hang out a spell.

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