Best of Comic TV 2022: Let’s Begin!

Running a bit late this year because I really dragged my feet on the latest seasons of two shows I’ve claimed to like in the past and the debut season of a show I sure meant to watch, but we’re here, it’s time, let’s begin the 8th Annual Tales From Parts Unknown Comic Book TV Awards!

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The playing field surely is shifting. Marvel’s all in on Disney+, but needs to share the schedule with Star Wars, so they only manage a few shows per year… the biggest and most cohesive shared TV universe on television is putting the chairs on the tables and switching the lights off… and most other shows are on cancel-happy streaming services, so… who knows what next season will look like. This could be our last 20+ year. Guess we’ll find out.

Not included this year: I assume Riverdale is still living their best bonkers life, but it’s best we stay separate; I hear Walking Dead’s wrapping up, but isn’t there still at least one spinoff? Nah, hard pass.

And the cut-off is July, so while I am very aware that it took me so long to watch Locke and Key season two that season three dropped before I reached the halfway point, and that we’re already all talking about The Sandman, which I started watching before I was done at least one show on the list… the cut-off is the cut-off. If I wait to finish The Sandman and the third/final season of Locke and Key, She-Hulk will have started, Stargirl will be back, then what? So you wait until next summer, Sandman. Oh and don’t think I don’t see you there, Resident Alien. I love you, Resident Alien, but it wasn’t my idea for you to take a five month hiatus in the middle of the season. Was a time when shows that took that long a break admitted it was a new season afterwards.

And remember: no cartoons, he said, staring at What If and Diabolical. So with that said, here’s a rundown of what we’re covering this year:

Batwoman season 3
The Boys season 3
Doom Patrol season 3
The Flash season 8
Legends of Tomorrow seasons 6 & 7*
Locke and Key season 2
Lucifer season 6
Moon Knight
Ms. Marvel
Stargirl: Summer School (aka season 2)
Supergirl season 6
Superman and Lois season 2
Titans season 3
Umbrella Academy season 3
Y The Last Man

*Season six was COVID-delayed so long it didn’t end until last September, after last year’s cut-off, then was back in October, so we’re covering both. Seriously, the hiatus between seasons of Legends was shorter than most show’s winter break.

On with the technical awards!

Best Fights
Biggest Heartbreaks
Best Opening Titles
Best Musical Numbers
Best Stories

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