Best of Comic TV 2022: Let’s Begin!

Best Title Sequence

This remains a not-hard-fought category because the majority of shows just do quick title cards, and you probably know what’s winning, but let’s do this just the same.

Honourable Mention: Locke and Key doesn’t have an opening sequence per se, just an extended title card, but that title card features a brief animation of a magic key that will be notable in this episode, and what it does, and that’s neat.

Bronze: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow spent their few post-Crisis seasons moving past their standard “Logos fly into the title” title card opening to a quick sequence showing off the full cast, a hint of what their deal is, and a reinterpretation of their theme music in some other musical style to indicate the vibe of the new season. On the list this year are the 50s sci-fi themed season six, for their attempts to chase time-scattered aliens…

To the bluegrass-tinged season seven intro, to kick off “Stuck in the roaring 20s” scenario that opened the season.

They’re fun. Seems like more shows could make this much effort instead of just splattering an increasing amount of blood on the title.

I’m sorry, Invincible, that was uncalled for, those title drops worked almost every time.

Silver: Doom Patrol

At long last, Doom Patrol is in the rankings in a year when I have this category.

Nando V Movies did a whole video about these opening titles, and how they work, but it’s on Nebula so I can’t easily share it. What it boils down to is that the titles (backed by a theme song that, frankly, rules, even if the end credit dance mix is better) show key elements of our core character’s basic deals… Jane’s multiple personalities, Rita’s gooey nature, etc… then in the very end, Larry’s bandages part to reveal flowers, suggesting that under the trauma still exists beauty.

Gold: Peacemaker, who are we kidding

I mean come on. We knew this. Not since iZombie has a show made me resent the existence of a “Skip credits” button. “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” is a jam, the dance is amazing and shows off all the key cast members, and it has little clues to the story’s nature, be it Murn, Economos, and Harcourt’s moves suggesting puppetry, hinting to being unwilling puppets of Amanda Waller, to the insect-like dance moves hinting towards the Butterflies. And for the eagle-eyed, the lurking presence of Judomaster. Dang this is a great sequence. Season two’s gonna have big shoes to fill.

I mean I don’t love that they muted Eagley in every version on YouTube.

Okay, long as the tunes are playing…

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