Oscar 2024: Bring on the Best Pictures!

Okay, sure, I’ve been gone from this for a while, two different film review podcasts take a certain amount of time, recent travel stories have just been “Had a chill time but got rained on a lot at Disneyworld,” and mountain life means not a lot of theatre stories. But I do recall liking writing as a thing, so I’m trying to reintroduce that into my existence, starting with the annual Best Picture Ranking!

Normally I’d say that I watched all the nominees so you don’t have to, but, like… maybe you should? Normally there’s a whole page of this process called “The Also-Rans” or “The Lesser Half” or “The Ones I’m Mad I Had To Watch” but this year… this year was a good year. Nine very solid movies, the internet cannot form a consensus over which is the objective best, even if voters seem to have made a choice at time of writing. The Zone Crew, Fall Stans, Life Lovers, and Oppenheads argue back and forth while some are willing to die mad that All Of Us Strangers was ignored or that voters assumed the exquisitely constructed world of Barbie just happened by accident without a central figure orchestrating it.

But anyway let’s get this going.

Next page: The “Sorry I Didn’t Like Your Favourite More” Section

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