Best of Comic TV 2022: Let’s Begin!

Best Fights!

Bam! Pow! Kersplat! And whatnot! On with it.

Honourable Mentions: The final fight between Mark/Steven, Layla, and Harrow (while two giant gods fight in the background) was decent, though the best part happened in a time-jump; the big fight between the new generations of the JSA and ISA in Stargirl was a pretty epic action beat for the season’s halfway point, and a great segue to Eclipso Unleashed. Also the finale fight between Kate and Yelena in Hawkeye was fun, and this scene was the best:

Just a sample, the full fight is hard to come by.

Bronze: Barn Battle 1, Peacemaker, “It’s Cow or Never”

It’s come to this. The 11th Street Kids have one chance to save humanity from the Butterflies. Once chance to storm their stronghold and cut off their food supply. So… cue the music.

The opening title theme “Do Ya Want To Taste It,” kicks in, and Peacemaker, Harcourt, and Vigilante go into battle. The results are brutal, bloody, super fun to watch, and very high stakes, because not everyone gets through intact.

James Gunn can shoot the living hell out of an action sequence, and the choreo holds nothing back.

Silver: Homelander V Soldier Boy (et al), The Boys, “Herogasm”

A lot of stuff went down in Herogasm… don’t unpack that phrase too much… but the big show was the first time Homelander and his predecessor, Solider Boy, came face to face. And, as that happened, Homelander also learned what Billy Butcher and Hughie Campbell had done to even the playing field. What followed was a brutal, highly satisfying throwdown that sure, wasn’t a game-changer for the overall arc, but was the first time we ever saw Homelander afraid. And as Queen Maeve stated in the next episode, that’s worth seeing.

Gold: Barn Battle 2, Doom Patrol, “Undead Patrol”

I don’t even know how to describe this one.

I mean technically spoilers, if you’re under the impression that any big scene from Doom Patrol makes sense out of context.

As the man said: let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

The Doom Patrol, for reasons, are zombies. And for reasons, they have allowed kinda-sorta ally Willoughby Kipling (Bronze Medalist, Best Guest Star, 2019) to bring them to a barn… a barn infested by first season random monsters the Butts.

I just… I can’t. I can’t explain or describe what happens next. But it is a truly jaw-dropping sequence no other show could conceive of. It’s amazing. This show is amazing.

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