Best of Comic TV 2019: We Begin!

Biggest Heartbreak!

Oh boy. Writing this category nearly killed me last year, that’s how hard the shortlist hit. Let’s see how it goes this year…

Bronze: “Could you accept me like this?” Lucifer, “O, Ye of Little Faith, Father”

Season three of Lucifer ended on two game changing notes… Lucifer and Detective Chloe Decker finally admitted their feelings for each other, just in time for her to see proof that he is, in fact, the literal Devil. Naturally, season four opens with Lucifer curious how she’s coping after a month away, and in this scene, she finally admits that she is not coping with it well at all. And so their potential romance crumbles, opening the door for an old flame to become a bad influence on Lucifer.

Damn, Tom Ellis and Lauren German were killing it this season.

Silver: Cliff remembers the accident, Doom Patrol, “Pilot”

We are introduced to Niles Caulder’s home for broken misfits through race car driver Cliff Steele, who was nearly killed in an racing accident, until Niles, aka the Chief, salvaged his brain. Yes, Cliff was shocked at how many years passed while Niles was building a robot body for his brain to live in, but he was driven by the hope that he’d be able to see his wife and daughter again.

Then the Chief played him an answering machine message to his wife he’d forgotten about… and the memories of the real accident come flooding back.

And it is much, much worse than he thought.

“I can’t feel pain. No matter how hard I hit, where I hit, what I hit… I can’t feel pain. That’s mighty shitty of you, Doc.”


Gold: Nora’s farewell, The Flash, “Legacy”

Spoilers for season five of The Flash incoming.

Throughout the fifth season of The Flash, Nora West-Allen/XS tries to be a hero on the same level as her father, the Flash. And throughout season five, she done screwed that up, starting with accepting advice from his arch-nemesis, Eobard Thawne, and ending with letting Thawne talk her into tapping into his Negative Speed Force, a source of speed accessed through negative emotions. And his final ace-in-the-hole? Accepting his help in defeating Cicada changed the timeline enough that Nora wasn’t born. Her only chance not to be erased from history would be to hide in the Negative Speed force… but that’s a chance she rejects. She won’t live on if it means becoming a second Reverse-Flash. Which means Barry and Iris lose their future-daughter, right in front of them.
This one hurts. This one hurts good.

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