Two Nights With Minky Woodcock

The Planning

Even considering a New York trip so close to my LA trip seemed crazy, but I had one big advantage going in.

I had been collecting Aeroplan points for over a decade, and had only cashed them in once, in 2007, to catch up with a Fringe tour of one of my shows in exotic Saskatoon. So I now had 11 years of points built up, from flights on any partner airline and fill-ups at participating gas stations, and learned that Air Canada was leaving the program. The only other airlines I knew offhand that worked with Aeroplan is United, and after a couple of Asia trips I’m really very quite done with United, so I needed to burn these points while the burning was good.

As it happens, I currently had enough points to get anywhere in North America. I had been considering putting them towards a birthday trip to Las Vegas, but I didn’t have enough for a full flights/hotel package, and also I hadn’t quite gotten around to asking anyone to come to Vegas with me, and birthday Vegas alone just seemed hopelessly sad.

So, hey, I had this play ticket in New York needing redeeming and a free(ish) flight to get there. A couple of visits to Air BnB and I was set to hit the last week of The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini’s run.

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