Best of Comic TV 2020: Here we GO!

Best Musical Number!

I love that these things happen often enough that I’ve kept this category going for three years without issue.

Might be a little harder without Legion. This category could have just been Legion this year if I’m being honest.

Bronze: Poison, Legends of Tomorrow, “Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me”

Taking on a resurrected Bugsy Siegel, the Legends need to clear out his nightclub to avoid casualties. So a somewhat intoxicated Ava Sharpe, still reeling a little from no longer being the head of the now-defunct Time Bureau, hits on an idea: grabbing the mic and launching into a big band-style cover of Bel Biv Devoe’s “Poison.”

At least she thinks she does. Outside of the “Ava’s Drunk Vision” version of her performance, it isn’t going super great. Which only makes it funnier.

Still, we get a verse and a chorus of Ava Sharpe doing some proper Postmodern Jukebox action, and that’s worth a nod.

(Shout-out to their final battle against the Encores, history’s greatest villains, being set to “Thong Song,” with a guest appearance by Sisqo.)

Silver: The Rap Battle, Legion, “Chapter 25”

Throughout the whimsical fairy tale that was “Chapter 25,” Oliver and Melanie Bird have tried their best to protect young Sid and other lost minds from Jason Mantzoukis’ Big Bad Wolf. But despite their best efforts, it’s clear that Oliver and the Wolf will need to fight…

Which, this being Legion, means Jemaine Clement and Jason Mantzoukis have a rap battle. Which. Is. Awesome. Even if their rhyme schemes start to fall apart near the end.

Gold: Peace, Love, and Understanding, Legion, “Chapter 24”

Powerful mutant David Haller and his followers have finally gone to war with David’s former friends at Division 3, as, in fairness, Division 3 has been at war with him all season. And here, at the end, where friendships have been betrayed, love turned to hate, blood has spilled and lives have been lost… here where all the people we’ve grown to love find themselves at their lowest moment… what do you do? Well, if you’re Legion, and possibly only if you’re Legion, you have the entire cast, no matter the state of their character, sing “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding.”

It’s a very sweet and maudlin sequence, and that only Legion would do it speaks to the beauty of Legion in a very real way.

It is, however, riddled with spoilers. Just so you know.

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